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Eva Armisén: A Brush with Life's Simple Joys

"I think that art has that immense power to put you in different places and make you think and see everything from different perspectives." In a recent interview, the renowned artist Eva Armisén shared her thoughts on the power of art to transform our perspectives on everyday life. Known for her ability to capture the extraordinary in ordinary moments, Armisén's work has resonated with audiences around the world. She spoke about her collaboration with Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, where her art has found a new and inspiring context.

Armisén believes that art has the incredible power to make us see the world from different angles and provoke profound thoughts. The pace of modern life often leaves us rushing from one task to another, overlooking the small, yet significant, moments in our daily routines. Armisén's art focuses on these seemingly small but vital aspects of life, such as the time spent with loved ones or moments of self-reflection.

Through her paintings, Armisén seeks to evoke emotions and connect with the viewers on a deeply emotional level. She aims to momentarily halt the relentless flow of time, allowing people to appreciate the beauty in their surroundings and the joy in fleeting moments.

When asked about the universality of her art, Armisén emphasized that feelings and emotions are shared across cultures. While the context may differ, the core emotional experience remains consistent. She believes that art's ability to tap into these shared emotions transcends cultural boundaries.

Armisén has had the privilege of collaborating with various artists and professionals from diverse fields, such as film, literature, and advertising. These collaborations have enriched her creative process by exposing her to different viewpoints and ideas. She values the exchange of perspectives that these collaborations offer, which have often inspired her to explore new artistic avenues.

Colour, Creativity and Love: Artist Eva Armisén x Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

"For me, the hotel and the place where you go is really important. And of course, Four Seasons was like the best spot, the best place to show hospitality and good service."

Eva Armisén's collaboration with Four Seasons Hotel Seoul brings her art to a new context, where tradition meets modernity, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

The idea was born from mutual admiration. She recognized the importance of hospitality and the feeling of being at home when traveling. Her artwork for the hotel, featuring the four seasons, was inspired by her personal experiences in Korea. Additionally, a 3D installation in the hotel's lobby, designed in collaboration with a Japanese team, showcased the fusion of tradition and modernity.

The collaboration, alongside head florist Nicolai Bergmann, not only offers the opportunity to indulge in her artworks infused with heartfelt emotions within the realm of a hotel renowned for its meticulous service, but also goes a step further. As a testament to the Hotel’s commitment to community well-being, a portion of the collaboration's proceeds will be directed towards local community development and supporting the Hotel’s neighbours.It’s this same sense of warmth and kindness that weaves its way into all of the artist’s work, in a country she experiences as comfortingly familiar. “I have been visiting Korea for 15 years and it has always been a source of inspiration for me,” comments Armisén. “I have fallen in love with its culture and its people and strangely I have felt at home. This collaboration reflects my stays here - different seasons and different situations that have helped me grow as an artist and as a person.”

Looking ahead, Armisén is set to open a major exhibition in Busan, South Korea, featuring ceramics, paintings, and sculptures. She also has exhibitions planned in Bogota, Colombia, and Hong Kong. Beyond her painting projects, Armisén is also working on a unique wine project in Spain, where she is designing the bottle and label for a sparkling rosé.

Armisén's art is a celebration of life's beauty, an invitation to pause and savor the precious moments that often pass us by. Her collaborations across cultures and her ability to touch the hearts of viewers around the world make her a truly remarkable artist.

FS SeoulxEva Armisén_Autumn
Four Seasons Hotel Seoul x Eva Armisén

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul x Eva Armisén x Nicolai Bergmann


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