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Chef Jun Lee's Innovations at Michelin Two-Starred Gem, Soigné

In the enchanting realm of gastronomy, where flavors, cultures, and narratives meld, Chef Jun Lee emerges as an ingenious conductor of culinary innovation. Transitioning from crafting metal frames in his early years to his current stature as a renowned chef with a storytelling flair, Lee's journey unveils a captivating narrative of imagination, exploration, and culinary brilliance. This article delves deep into the experiences, philosophies, and distinctive creations that define his illustrious career at his esteemed Michelin two-starred restaurant, Soigné.

The Genesis of Creativity

Lee's creative spark ignited during his formative years as an elementary school student. His passion for crafting took shape through the assembly of metal frames, bolts, nuts, and mortar. Unconstrained by manuals, his childhood was a search for a career path that embraced boundless creation. As he reminisces, "I was looking for a career that I can continuously create something without being blocked by any limitations." His inspiration flowed from his father's background as an electrical engineer and his grandfather's connection to trains.

From these early creative explorations, Lee's path led him to the world of culinary arts. The fusion of his intrinsic creativity and his experiences assisting his mother in the kitchen paved a unique trajectory. By the age of 15, he realized the need to choose a career direction. Driven by an unwavering desire for limitless creation, the dream of becoming a chef took root. He reflects, "Becoming a chef is something that I can achieve my goal, creating something out of nothing until forever."

Innovating Through Gastronomic Tales

The culinary journey of celebrated Lee unfolds as an enchanting odyssey, effortlessly weaving together gastronomy and storytelling. With a prolific career spanning over a decade, he has woven not just dishes, but intricate narratives that blend flavors, textures, and memories. Soigné, his culinary haven, proudly bears a Michelin two-star rating—a testament to his mastery within the culinary realm.

At the heart of Lee's culinary philosophy lies the concept of the "episode menu," a brilliant approach that transforms dining into a captivating theatrical experience. He elaborates, "When I opened my restaurant, I approached it like choreographing a dance or composing a musical piece. I changed the entire food menu every three months under a specific theme. That's why I called it the episode menu." This innovative approach enabled him to curate multi-course menus based on diverse themes, weaving a rich tapestry of culinary stories over eight years.

Lee's dedication to infusing food with narratives goes beyond taste. He believes that food holds the power to evoke emotions and memories, stating, "The most memorable food is not the most delicious, but rather the food that involves people, events, or occasions." This belief led him to create menus inspired by diverse sources, transcending cultural boundaries. "We explored fascinating topics. For instance, one menu was entirely based on one of the oldest Korean cookbooks, dating back around 1200 years," he fondly recalls.


Signature Dish and Beyond

Lee seamlessly merges ancient recipes with modern techniques, crafting a symphony of flavors that resonate across time. "By understanding the basics of texture and flavor harmonies, I can create something reminiscent, yet incorporating modernized cooking techniques and tools," he explains. The outcome is a culinary experience that bridges generations, a choreography of tastes that transcends eras.

Guiding Soigné with his expertise, Lee's curated dishes encapsulate his culinary narrative. One iconic dish, the Seorae Escargot, not only embodies his innovative spirit but also pays homage to his culinary heritage. "It's a snail dish, and I consider it my signature because it holds a multitude of stories." A warm smile accompanies his words, "And I aim to genuinely surprise people." From his hometown's name to the fusion of flavors, each element of this dish narrates a chapter of his extraordinary journey.

Seorae Escargot

Passing On the Torch of Culinary Legacy

As he contemplates his culinary legacy, Lee envisions the future. "Perhaps someone down the line will stumble upon my recipe and seek to understand why Chef Jun Lee crafted this dish." His aspiration is to transmit his culinary heritage and inspire future generations to engage with food as a means to grasp history and culture.

Today, Chef Jun Lee's creations at Soigné continue to captivate diners, effortlessly blending flavors, cultures, and stories. His culinary legacy stands as a tribute to his commitment to the art of storytelling through food. As he eloquently concludes, "My ultimate aspiration is to foster a connection that transcends time, enabling future generations to comprehend our world through the prism of food." Through his creations, Lee ensures that his culinary tales will resonate through time, sharing the essence of the human experience, one delightful bite at a time.


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