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Komatsu Miwa's "Sense of Sacredness" exhibition in Taipei 2024

The "Sense of Sacredness" exhibition, featuring the renowned Japanese artist Komatsu Miwa, is currently on display in Taipei. Hosted by the Whitestone Gallery from March 2nd to April 20th, 2024, the exhibition welcomed approximately 1000 visitors on its opening day. Komatsu, celebrated for her art that weaves together elements of spirituality, describes art as a "medicine for the soul." She views creation as a form of prayer and a means to channel divine spirits into her works. Her pieces, inspired by "divine beasts" and created amidst the natural beauty of Nagano Prefecture, have gained international acclaim and are included in prestigious museum collections worldwide.

Miwa Komatsu

小松美羽 Miwa Komatsu, Awakening of the Spirit, 2023, Acrylic on canvas,

259.0 × 259.0 cm


The exhibition invites visitors to explore the sacred landscapes envisioned by Komatsu. It underscores her deep connection with Taiwan, a country pivotal to her global recognition. This event marks her third solo exhibition in Taiwan, following a four-year break. Her participation in the 2024 Taipei Lantern Festival on March 3rd, 2024, featured a lantern influenced by the Chinese tale of the "Carp jumping over the Dragon Gate." The lantern inspired her painting “All May Become Dragons,” symbolizing transformation and ambition, which in turn has attracted attendees to her solo exhibition, keen to delve into the mystical world she portrays.


Furthermore, this exhibition serves as a reflective period for Komatsu, particularly in light of the recent earthquake on Japan's Noto Peninsula. Moved by Taiwan's compassionate response, her artwork expresses gratitude and deep reflection on Taiwan's impact on her artistry. This includes incorporating Chinese lion symbolism, demonstrating her esteem for the rich "lion culture" found within Chinese traditions.


Komatsu's artistry extends beyond mere visual appeal, delving into spirituality and cultural exchange. Her creations reject the enticements of a materialistic society, fostering a connection with the ancient and sacred. Her inspiration stems from meditation and the spiritual aura of sacred sites like the Itsukushima Shrine.


This exhibition reaffirms Komatsu Miwa's commitment to maintaining her receptiveness to the world around her. This sensitivity enables her to capture and share the spiritual essence of Nagano with an international audience. It is an essential visit for those in Taipei during its tenure.

Miwa Komatsu

小松美羽 Miwa Komatsu, Area 21-Whole Earth (Gold), 2023, Gold leaf, acrylic on canvas, 260.0 × 550.0 cm

Miwa Komatsu

小松美羽 Miwa Komatsu, Vocal in Reverence of the Grand Nature, 2024, Acrylic on canvas, 259.0 × 259.0 cm


"Sense of Sacredness" exhibition

Date: 2 March - 20 April

Venue: Whitestone Gallery

(1F, No. 1 Jihu Road Neihu District Taipei, 114 Taiwan)

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday11am – 7pm


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