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Spring Blossoms: Gen de Art Issue 11 Release

Gen de Art Issue 11 Cover: artwork by Japanese painter Reiji Hiramatsu

As the 24 solar terms draw closer to the onset of summer and the days become increasingly balmy, this season's publication brings to you an array of heartwarming narratives from accomplished experts spanning diverse disciplines such as oenology, sake craftsmanship, architecture, art, bonsai, ikebana, and the art of gastronomy, hailing from both domestic and global locales.

In this issue, we feature two winemakers from France and one sake brewer from Japan, who share their passion for their respective traditions and winemaking. The family-run Domaine Georges Mugneret-Gibourg in Vosne-Romanée, France, has been passed down from its founder to his great-grandchildren since its establishment in 1933. The experience and sensibility accumulated through generations are now embodied in their exquisite wines. Similarly, Domaine Michel Gros, which has been family-owned since the 1830s, started from a small vineyard but has become one of the most respected winemakers in the region due to their sincere approach to winemaking.

Japanese sake brewer continues to preserve their traditions while exploring new possibilities. Iwao Niizawa runs the traditional Niizawa Sake Brewery in Miyagi Prefecture, overcame the challenge of rebuilding his brewery from scratch after it was completely destroyed in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. He now strives to create the ultimate sake to accompany food.

World-renowned architect Tadao Ando continues to create architecture that breathes life into beloved cities. In addition to the beauty and novelty of his designs, he values the power of space to speak to people's hearts. His own passion and drive to keep moving forward are evident in his work.

Also, we explore the thoughts and emotions that underpin the work of sculptor Kohei Nawa, who continues to break new ground in the world of sculpture. Bonsai artisan Kunio Kobayashi believes that "bonsai embodies the dignity of life" and always stresses the importance of the sanctity of life in his domestic and international lectures. The next head of the Ikenobo School of Ikebana, Senko Ikenobo, inherited the pressure of taking over an old family estate during adolescence but continues to pass down the teachings of her predecessors that "even withered flowers can be beautiful." Painter Toshiyuki Enoki has a philosophy of "finding what is lacking in this world and supplementing it with 'hope'," and his dedication to preserving traditional culture is also deeply moving.

We also shine a spotlight on several curators who play a key role in appreciating art. Meruro Washida, who has curated various exhibitions and currently serves as the director of the Towada Art Center, has a desire to contribute to community development. Curator Yuko Hasegawa regards her profession as "connecting people with art" and strives to hone her skills in evaluating the value of art every day. Taeko Yamazaki, the granddaughter of the founder of the Yamatane Museum of Art, and now the third-generation director, talks about her belief in the role of museums as places of "quality hospitality" and "returning to the present."

The restaurant “Sushi Gyoten” in Fukuoka Prefecture is one of the only two restaurants that have achieved three stars in the Michelin Guide of Fukuoka and Saga Prefectures. Gyoten’s Edo-style sushi—a culmination of carefully selected ingredients and the artistry of a craftsman developed over years of research—continues to enchant visitors to the restaurant. This establishment, which represents the Kyushu region, is led by Kenji Gyoten, who was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture and grew up watching his grandfather run a sushi restaurant. We spoke to him about his childhood, what prompted him to aspire to be a sushi chef, and his work ethics as a professional.

The front cover of this season's edition is graced with a radiant Japanese landscape, while the back cover boasts an exquisite portrayal of cherry blossoms flourishing alongside a mountain stream. The musings and expressions of preeminent connoisseurs hailing from the realms of sophisticated cuisine and libations, avant-garde art, and time-honoured Japanese culture will be conveyed like a spirited gust that permeates a summer meadow and resonates with our cherished readership.

*Purchase for Gen de Art print magazine is now available at TSUTAYA, Rakuten and Amazon, while digital magazine is available at FUJISAN and ISSUU in Japan.


Gen de Art

Gen de Art is a destination for living art. It is a bilingual quarterly publication, covering the latest stories in art and cultureof outstanding high-profile craftsmen from Japan and across the world. The magazine highlights key artists who are redefining the boundaries of contemporary art, winemaking, and fine dining. At Gen de Art, we focus on important conversations and ask big questions to fully embrace the nature of artistic creation and various ways of expression.



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