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Announcing the Release of Gen de Art Issue 15

The cover of the Spring 2024 issue features Mika Ninagawa, a Japanese photographer and film director

In this edition, we weave together the new with the traditional, capturing the indefatigable spirit poised for the global stage. Our focus is on the singular perspectives of craftsmen and women excelling in a myriad of fields.


Issue 15

As cherry blossoms garnish the streets and a rejuvenating air embraces us, our Spring issue embarks on the historical odysseys of Japan and Switzerland, marking 160 years of diplomatic camaraderie.

In what is whispered to be Takashi Murakami's final exhibition on Japanese soil, the ancient city of Kyoto melds with contemporary art through his distinctively Murakami lens, welcoming attendees with a showcase replete with his imaginative flair.

Mika Ninagawa, renowned for her vibrant hues and unique outlooks, discusses the significance of treasuring the quotidian and the essence of daily observation. Reiko Mukaide, with years of international experience, divulges how navigating multiple languages has sculpted her artistic endeavour and her sentiments towards her Japanese roots.

Building on the narrative from last winter's edition, Chiharu Shiota graces our pages once more, unveiling the essence of her multidimensional, avant-garde theatre that marries opera with art at the Grand Théâtre de Genève.

At the Salon de Champagne, we explore the art of creating premium champagne and the ethos underpinning the brand, revealing their unwavering commitment to the craft.

Tokyo, the city boasting the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants globally, saw the Michelin Guide Ceremony make its offline comeback after four years. The vibrant "SAIKAI" event was pulsating with energy, forecasting the culinary world's future.

By engaging with these founts of creativity, we too may unlock new realms of possibility within. Let Gen de Art guide you through these refined, artistic experiences, inviting you to perceive the world anew. Embrace the joy and discoveries that lie ahead.

*Purchase for Gen de Art print magazine is now available at TSUTAYA, Rakuten and Amazon, while digital magazine is available at FUJISAN and ISSUU in Japan.


 Gen de Art

Gen de Art is a destination for living art. It is a bilingual quarterly publication, covering the latest stories in art and cultureof outstanding high-profile craftsmen from Japan and across the world. The magazine highlights key artists who are redefining the boundaries of contemporary art, winemaking, and fine dining. At Gen de Art, we focus on important conversations and ask big questions to fully embrace the nature of artistic creation and various ways of expression.





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