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Tokyo Fine Wine and Spirits Association

Tokyo Fine Wines and Spirits Association

Tokyo Fine Wines and Spirits Association (TFWSA) connects the world craftsmen including the prestigious producers, honoured chefs and recognized visual artists with art enthusiasts who share a vision of inheriting the living art. 

We build exceptional relationships and long-term partnerships with the distinguished craftsmen globally. ​Our members have access to the conference and events organised by our association. 

Gen de Art Le Magazine

Established in 2020, Gen de Art is a young cross-cultural magazine based in Japan. We dedicate our work to honouring outstanding high-profile craftsmen across the world who work in the fields of art, winemaking, and fine dining. Our aim is to promote the contributions made by the pioneers to their respective sectors and pay tribute to their living heritage on a global scale. Through the eyes of these brilliant creators, we invite our readers to explore their multifaceted visions of the art of living, as well as living art. At Gen de Art, we focus on important conversations and ask big questions to fully embrace the nature of artistic creation and various ways of expression. 

The topics covered in our magazine quarterly are divided equally between the three focus areas of our work. In our pieces on wine and spirits, we converse with the leading winemakers and other experts in the field across the world, gaining an insight into the innovative ways in which the culture of wines and spirits evolves today. As we explore art and culture, we speak to renowned contemporary artists about the big ideas underlining their creative process in today’s turbulent times. Finally, in our materials on fine dining, we discuss the evolution of the food experience and the role it plays in the larger global culture with the world’s most famous chefs. 

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