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LEIKO IKEMURA - MOTION OF LOVE: A Captivating Exploration of Emotional Connectivity

The art world is set to be enraptured by the breathtaking exhibition "LEIKO IKEMURA - MOTION OF LOVE," a remarkable display of works by the renowned Japanese-Swiss artist Leiko Ikemura. Hosted at the prestigious Museum de Fundatie, this highly anticipated event promises to transport visitors into a realm where emotions take shape and love finds its physical expression.

Leiko Ikemura

Photo/ Xin Tahara, Tokyo Art Beat

Enter a realm where love unfurls its wings and emotions dance to the rhythm of colors and shapes. Leiko Ikemura's art speaks the language of the heart, invoking profound connections between humans and nature. The "MOTION OF LOVE" exhibition, expertly curated at the Museum de Fundatie, invites viewers on an evocative journey through the artist's unique universe.

Leiko Ikemura, an artist of Japanese heritage currently residing in Germany, has gained international recognition for her distinct style that seamlessly fuses Eastern and Western artistic traditions. Her profound exploration of identity, love, and belonging is beautifully reflected in her works, which encompass various media including painting, sculpture, and ceramics.

"MOTION OF LOVE" offers a comprehensive overview of Ikemura's oeuvre, showcasing her artistic evolution over the years. Visitors will have the privilege of witnessing the artist's transformation and the development of her distinct visual language, which is characterized by ethereal figures, organic shapes, and an exquisite interplay of light and shadow. The exhibition delves deep into the emotions that bind us as human beings. Ikemura's art seeks to unravel the complexities of love, its nuances, and its multifaceted expressions. Her figures, often androgynous and shrouded in a dreamlike atmosphere, embody a sense of vulnerability and intimacy, encouraging viewers to reflect on their own experiences and connections with others.

The museum's galleries are meticulously arranged to immerse visitors in a world of enchantment and contemplation. As viewers wander through the exhibition, they encounter a visual narrative that unfolds like chapters in a poetic book. Each artwork serves as a window into Ikemura's introspective universe, inviting us to partake in her exploration of love, identity, and the human experience. In addition to her paintings, visitors will encounter Ikemura's masterful sculptures and delicate ceramics, which further enhance the multi-sensory experience of the exhibition. These three-dimensional pieces breathe life into the artist's ideas, allowing viewers to engage with her work on a tactile level, heightening the emotional impact.

The "MOTION OF LOVE" exhibition not only celebrates Ikemura's artistic achievements but also serves as a platform for dialogue and reflection. Whether you are a seasoned art enthusiast or a casual visitor, "LEIKO IKEMURA - MOTION OF LOVE" offers an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the compelling world of a true visionary. Prepare to be captivated by Ikemura's enchanting creations and embark on a journey where love, emotions, and artistic expression intertwine.





Location: Museum de Fundatie

Date: 24 june 2023 to 24 september 2023

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