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Cen Long's solo exhibition "Sowing Hope: Cen Long" at Palazzo Querini in Venice

In this clamorous and turbulent era, art should be the key that leads us to a glimpse of hope's light, kindling our spiritual longing for a beautiful life. Cen Long's artistic world, profoundly rooted in the vital pulse of existence, outlines a realm of humanity overflowing with aspirations and ideals.


Cen Long

Cen portrays individuals who persevere steadfastly, tirelessly overcoming adversities without yielding. Through modest human and animal figures, he depicts his utopia: a world imbued with eternal and sincere love. His works are vibrant with life and steeped in spirituality. The audience is reminded of humanity's noblest virtues - goodness, love, resilience, and courage - through the body language and countenances of laborers and the profound, layered backdrops of his paintings. Cen plants seeds of hope in the world with his art, encouraging  us with the courage to face life's challenges and inspiring us to seek spiritual elevation amidst the mundanity of everyday life.


This reclusive artist, with each powerful brush stroke, leads us into a haven of freedom and purity. His paintings are soulful revelations, offering dynamic insights into life’s essential aspects. In chaotic times, his art stands as a beacon that illuminates humanity's core, guiding us towards the fundamental and unadorned truths of our existence.

Cen Long

Cen Long

Cen Long

Sowing Hope: Cen Long

Date: 20 April - 24 November 2024

Opening hours + days: 11:00-19:00, Closed on Tuesday

Location: Palazzo Querini, C. Lunga S. Barnaba, 2691, 30123 Venezia VE, Italy


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