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Art Basel Miami Beach 2023 Review

The much-anticipated Art Basel Miami Beach 2023 has successfully concluded, leaving an indelible mark on the global art scene. This premier event, hosted at the Miami Beach Convention Center, has been the highlight of Miami Art Week, attracting art enthusiasts, collectors, and artists worldwide. With 15 art and design fairs taking place in Miami and Miami Beach, Art Basel stands out as the pinnacle of this artistic gathering.

This year's edition witnessed the participation of 277 distinguished galleries from 33 countries, showcasing an eclectic mix of modern and contemporary art across six sectors. The diversity and caliber of artworks presented cemented the fair's status as a preeminent global hub for contemporary art.

Among the standout pieces were Seung-taek Lee's interactive and environmentally conscious installation "Earth Play," Eric N. Mack's vibrant "Flourish (2023)," and Marcelo Brodsky's thought-provoking "1968: The fire of ideas (2014-18)," exhibited at Meridians. These works  highlighted the event's dedication to showcasing groundbreaking and meaningful art.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2023 also saw the introduction of 'Access by Art Basel,' a novel online sales platform blending art acquisition with philanthropy. This initiative underscores Art Basel's commitment to leveraging art as a force for positive change and societal impact.

Seung-taek Lee "Earth Play" installation in Art Basel Miami Beach 2023


A Word from Key Figures

The success of Art Basel Miami Beach was celebrated by key figures in the art world.

Steven Meiner, Mayor of Miami Beach

"Art Basel has been referred to as the Olympics of the art world, and literally we are right now in Miami Beach, the epicenter of the entire world of the arts and culture world."

Noah Horowitz, CEO, Art Basel

"Our four fairs here in Miami Beach, as well as in Basel, Hong Kong, and now Paris, are the unwavering core of our business. My mandate as CEO of this organization is to ensure that they not only remain best in class platforms to exhibit, discover, and collect art, but that we continue to strengthen and innovate them for the future."

Vincenzo de Bellis, Director, Fairs and Exhibition Platforms, Art Basel

"To mention a few works emblematic of Meridians curatorial premise," said Vincenzo de Bellis, "Seung-taek Lee, Earth Play, which carries the visible markers of the work's interactive performances in Korea, China, Germany, the UK, and the US over the last three decades, calling attention to environmental degradation in Korean postwar industrialization."

Bridget Finn, Director, Art Basel Miami Beach

"Art Basel Miami Beach is truly unlike any event in the art world and undoubtedly the most significant and vital in the Americas,"

Jason Chandler, Head of Global Wealth Management, Americas, UBS

"It's not just about this week. Our UBS advisors and specialists speak every day with clients about their art collections, sharing their works with others through philanthropy, and ensuring that their collections are passed on in ways that align with their wishes, and more importantly, their values."

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