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"Chu Teh-Chun: In Nebula" Exhibition: A Venice Biennale Highlight in 2024

This spring, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini is set to unveil "Chu Teh-Chun: In Nebula," a comprehensive retrospective exhibition dedicated to the groundbreaking work of Franco-Chinese artist Chu Teh-Chun (1920–2014). Scheduled from April 20 to June 30, 2024, to coincide with the prestigious 60th Venice Biennale of International Art, the exhibition aims to provide an intimate exploration into Chu's lifelong endeavor to harmonize Eastern and Western artistic traditions.


Chu Teh-Chun, La grace de l'aurore, 2001, Oil on canvas, 200x300
Chu Teh-Chun, La grace de l'aurore, 2001, Oil on canvas, 200x300 © ADAGP 2023 © Fondation CHU Teh-Chun

Curated by the Matthieu Poirier, an expert in the history of contemporary art, the showcase will feature a selection of about 50 pieces. This includes several never-before-seen works and a pivotal loan from the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with Chu's expansive artistic journey since his settlement in Paris in 1955.


The exhibit is a collaboration between the Fondazione Giorgio Cini and the Fondation CHU Teh-Chun, established by Chu's family to honor his artistic legacy. The exhibition layout is meticulously designed to reflect Chu's abstract expressions and dynamic compositions, guiding the audience through his works in a reverse chronological sequence. This innovative approach, highlighting recent large-scale pieces before transitioning to his early small-format paintings, is set within the Fondazione Giorgio Cini's former Piscina Gandini. The intention is to immerse visitors fully in the atmospheric depth of Chu's art, creating a dialogue with the space's complex volumes.


Artist Chu Teh-Chun
Artist Chu Teh-Chun

Anne-Valérie SCEAU, the managing director of the Fondation CHU Teh-Chun, emphasized the foundation's dedication to Chu's archival preservation and its pivotal role in the planning of this retrospective. "The archive is really our database. It's really what is important about the artist...working on the archives also was very instructive to us," Anne-Valérie noted, highlighting the foundation's objective to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chu's work among new audiences. She detailed the foundation's educational initiatives, including partnerships with the International School of Geneva, Ecolint and SOAS University of London, aiming to inspire young creatives by introducing them to Chu's artistic philosophy and methods.


Yvon Chu, Vice-président of the Fondation, reflecting on his father's legacy, shared personal anecdotes that shed light on Chu Teh-Chun's meticulous and passionate approach to his craft. He reminisced about the sensory memories of his father's studio, the dedication to constant experimentation, and the unique perspective Chu brought to his art. "He was always in research... He was very picky to details and from details to the larger view of the painting," Yvon explained, underscoring his father's dedication to merging the detailed observation of nature with a broad, abstract expression.


Yvon also discussed the foundation's future objectives, emphasizing the importance of continuing to share Chu Teh-Chun's work with broader audiences. The Venice exhibition, according to Yvon, represents an exceptional opportunity to introduce Chu's unique synthesis of Eastern and Western art to an international audience, inviting viewers to journey through the artist's universe and experience the immersive quality of his work firsthand.


"Chu Teh-Chun: In Nebula" is poised to be an unprecedented event, offering deep insights into Chu Teh-Chun's artistic evolution and his significant contribution to bridging cultural divides through art. The exhibition, not only celebrates his artistic achievements but also his enduring influence on the contemporary art scene, ensuring his legacy continues to inspire future generations.

© ADAGP 2023 © Fondation CHU Teh-Chun
Chu Teh-Chun,Le Point du jour, 1988-1989, Oil on canvas, 200 × 200 cm © ADAGP 2023 © Fondation CHU Teh-Chun


Chu Teh-Chun, Le 8 juillet, 1976, Oil on canvas, 162 x 128 © ADAGP 2023 © Fondation CHU Teh-Chun

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