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A Sparkling Celebration of Japanese Sake: 'CRAFT SAKE WEEK 2023' in Roppongi, Tokyo

Tokyo's Roppongi Hills Arena hosted the largest Japanese sake event, 'CRAFT SAKE WEEK 2023 at ROPPONGI HILLS,' from April 21st to 30th, gathering 100 carefully selected breweries from across the country.

This grand event is organised by the 'JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY,' led by Hidetoshi Nakata, a former Japanese national soccer team player. Over the course of 10 days, 10 different breweries will attend daily, carefully chosen from among more than 1,400 breweries nationwide.

Each of the 10 days of the event features a unique theme for the showcased breweries. On the first day, under the theme of 'AWASAKE Day,' sparkling sake from renowned breweries such as 'Mizubasho' (Gunma Prefecture) took center stage, offering globally popular Japanese sparkling sake. On the final day, the theme of 'Team Juyondai Day' will highlight the prestigious sake 'Juyondai' and nine other breweries, captivating numerous sake enthusiasts.

Architect Takeshi Tane

Furthermore, 15 popular restaurants, some of which are known for being difficult to reserve, will participate in the event. Chefs from each restaurant, serving Japanese cuisine, French, Italian, and Thai dishes, will offer original menus designed to complement Japanese sake.

Additionally, the venue design was created by architect Takeshi Tane, based in Paris, France. His concept of 'Mass=Masu' used approximately 3,000 wooden sake cups stacked across the front of the venue, creating an overwhelming yet softly enveloping, wood-accented space.


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