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Falling Into Place: An Insightful Interview with Director Aylin Tezel at the 74th Berlinale film festival

Aylin Tezel, known for her extensive acting career, embarked on a new artistic journey with her debut feature film, "Falling Into Place," showcased at the 74th Berlinale and selected for the prestigious Glasgow Film Festival. Tezel, who took on the roles of writer, director, and actor in this film, has crafted a poignant narrative exploring love, personal growth, and the complexities of relationships. The film, particularly special to Tezel, was conceptualized in Scotland, intertwining a Scottish man and a German woman's lives in a story that returns to the country where its creation began.

Falling Into Space


Gen de Art: Congratulations on the success of "Falling Into Place" and its selection for the Glasgow Film Festival! How does it feel to have your debut feature recognized and celebrated on such a prestigious platform?

Aylin Tezel: Thank you so much. It's incredibly meaningful for me, especially transitioning from an acting background to a writer-director role for this project. The process of creating a film starts from a place of vulnerability and to see it recognized on such a stage is amazing. It's particularly special to bring the film back to Scotland, where the journey of writing it began, making this moment a significant one.


Gen de Art: Could you share with us some of the challenges you faced in bringing these themes of love, personal growth, and the complexities of relationships to life on screen, and how you approached portraying them authentically?

Aylin Tezel: One of the main challenges was juggling the roles of writer, director, and actor. This required a significant investment of time and energy, especially in the weeks leading up to the shoot, but allowed for a unique coherence in bringing the vision to life. Working with a talented team, including composer Jon Hopkins and production designer Andy Drummond, added depth and authenticity. The casting process, led by Des Hamilton, was crucial, especially considering the film's reliance on character-driven storytelling.


Gen de Art: The film features a talented ensemble cast, including yourself and British actor Chris Fulton. Can you tell us about your experience working with the cast and how their performances contributed to the overall narrative?

Aylin Tezel: The casting process was meticulous, and I was being introduced to excellent actors from the UK and Ireland. The first role we cast was the role of Ian and we were very happy to find someone in Scottish actor Chris Fulton, who brought a mix of charm, humor, and vulnerability that was vital for his role. The chemistry between the characters was obviously essential, and the extended audition process, including improvisation, helped us to find the right constellations.


Gen de Art: How did you collaborate with different people to enhance the emotional resonance of the film, and what impact do you think the music has on it?

Aylin Tezel: Music played a pivotal role in the film's emotional landscape. Jon Hopkins' involvement was a turning point, bringing a depth to the main character's musical creations. His collaboration with Ben Lukas Boysen on the original score further enriched the film's emotional depth. This collaborative effort across all aspects of production was key to the film's journey, from the acting to the music, creating a cohesive and impactful narrative.


Gen de Art: As an actress-turned-director, how has your background in acting informed your approach to directing, and what unique insights do you believe you bring to the director's chair?

Aylin Tezel: My acting background has been invaluable, especially in understanding and facilitating the actors' processes. This sensitivity to the actors' needs and the dynamics of a scene has informed my approach to directing, allowing me to create an environment where actors can perform at their best. The use of specific acting methods during preparation helped in developing a shared language and deeper understanding of the characters, enhancing the collaboration between me and the cast.


Gen de Art: What's your next plan after this success?

Aylin Tezel: I aim to continue working across writing, directing, and acting. I'm fortunate to have had a positive response to my work and look forward to bringing more projects to life. Currently, I'm developing a new script, and hoping to build on the success of "Falling Into Place."


Falling Into Place


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