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"Gen de Art" Summer Edition: Celebrating the Season's Radiance with Overflowing Art.

Gen de Art Issue 12 Cover: artwork by Shirley Jaffe

As the summer breeze wraps around the Earth, and life bursts with joy during this vibrant time, why not dive into the sea of art? Join us on a journey, under the open sky, where we can open our hearts and embark on an adventure with the "Gen de Art" Summer Edition, carrying a sense of gratitude within us.

With every page you turn in this issue, you'll be captivated by a series of fascinating experiences from various corners of the world. From Japan, immerse yourself in the rich cultural depth of events like "CRAFT SAKE WEEK 2023" and "Tokyo International BarShow 2023," offering a unique glimpse into their alluring charm.

Transport yourself to the beautiful streets of Beaune, France, and let us bring you the enchanting sounds that fill the soul from the Beethoven Festival. In Vienna, explore the artistic realm of Yoshitomo Nara at his solo exhibition, "Yoshitomo Nara: All My Little Words," where you can immerse yourself in his creative world through his own words.

Additionally, we invite you to discover the profound art and cultural heritage of Basel, a city steeped in history. Engage in dialogues with Josef Helfenstein from Kunstmuseum Basel and Elena Filipovic, the director of Kunsthalle Basel, as they offer insights into the very essence of art.

Wine enthusiasts will be captivated by conversations with industry experts like Brice de la Morandière from Domaine Leflaive and Louis-Michel Liger-Belair from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair. You'll gain a glimpse into the deep wisdom behind the way wine connects people.

Our hope is that the "Gen de Art" Summer Edition will enrich your season, with each page serving as a doorway to a new world. Let's embark on a journey filled with the astonishing wonders and discoveries of art that are best experienced during this radiant season.

*Purchase for Gen de Art print magazine is now available at TSUTAYA, Rakuten and Amazon, while digital magazine is available at FUJISAN and ISSUU in Japan.


Gen de Art

Gen de Art is a destination for living art. It is a bilingual quarterly publication, covering the latest stories in art and cultureof outstanding high-profile craftsmen from Japan and across the world. The magazine highlights key artists who are redefining the boundaries of contemporary art, winemaking, and fine dining. At Gen de Art, we focus on important conversations and ask big questions to fully embrace the nature of artistic creation and various ways of expression.



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