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Giovanni Carmine on Unlimited Art Basel 2023: A Global Showcase of Artistic Power and Diversity

Unlimited, the groundbreaking sector of Art Basel, is set to make a triumphant return in 2023 after a challenging period due to the pandemic. With 76 projects on display, it promises to be an exhibition brimming with energy, diversity, and artistic prowess. In a conversation with Giovanni Carmine, the curator of Unlimited, we delve into his thoughts on the upcoming edition.Unlimited 2023 presents a remarkable opportunity for art enthusiasts and the general public alike to immerse themselves in a truly global exhibition. Carmine emphasizes the heterogeneity of the showcase, with artists hailing from various corners of the globe and employing a wide range of artistic mediums. This eclectic mix of works appeals not only to seasoned art connoisseurs but also to those new to contemporary art.

Giovanni Carmine

Thoughtful Selection and Diverse Perspectives

Curating the artworks for Unlimited is no small feat. Carmine explains that the selection process involves careful consideration of numerous factors.

“We have the chance to get a lot of submissions by galleries with great artists from all over the world so we can choose between the best of the best. We must be even more aware about what quality could be or what this can be interesting right now.” By maintaining ongoing communication with galleries, Carmine strives to ensure that the chosen projects align with the vision of Unlimited, which aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the current art scene.

One of the unique aspects of Unlimited is the harmonious coexistence of established artists and emerging talents. Carmine believes that the absence of a specific theme allows for the selection of artists from diverse backgrounds and generations. The juxtaposition of a young, budding artist alongside an acclaimed master creates a dynamic and enriching experience for both the artists and the audience. The inclusive nature of Unlimited enables visitors to witness the unfolding dialogue between different artistic voices. “But at the end, the selection is done in a very simple way in order to give an overview of what's going on in the artwork today.” he concludes.

Pushing Boundaries and Key Highlights

Unlimited has gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms. “I'm very happy that there are a lot of new productions that are done specifically for unlimited”. Carmine expresses his enthusiasm for the multitude of new productions specifically created for the exhibition.

Yuki Kimura “COL SPORCAR SI TROVA”, installation view at Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf, 2022.

Courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery / Photo/Cedric Mussano

Notable highlights include Yuki Kimura's delicate and thought-provoking installation, which explores the intersections of architecture and sculpture. Additionally, Lubaina Himid's historical installation from the 1980s delves into political issues that remain relevant to this day. These offerings, alongside other compelling works, promise a captivating experience for all attendees. ” From Christian Marclay’s latest video to Diamond Stingily, one of the most interesting American artists at the moment…So please come and enjoy unlimited.” He added.

Carmine believes that the strength of the artworks themselves naturally fosters engagement from the audience. The architecture of Unlimited encourages spontaneous interactions, where visitors can stumble upon thought-provoking pieces and engage in discussions with both fellow art enthusiasts and knowledgeable staff. The open and inclusive nature of the platform fosters dialogue and fuels the success of Unlimited as a dynamic and engaging art exhibition.

Diamond Stingily How Did He Die 2016 Video, black-and-white, sound, chain-link fence , MediumBlack and white video, stereo sound,

A Curator's Experience

With his extensive experience as the director of Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen and involvement in renowned events such as the Venice Biennale, Carmine brings a wealth of knowledge and a broad network of artists to his role as curator of Unlimited. His expertise in working with diverse artists and facilitating cross-cultural collaborations makes him an ideal fit for overseeing this extraordinary event.

Looking ahead, Carmine envisions a promising future for the art market, “I think the art world itself will increase, expand and with this expansion, the market would also become more diverse and interesting.”As the interest for contemporary art continues to grow worldwide, the market itself will become more diverse and captivating. Different regions will bring forth distinct perspectives, allowing collectors to connect with artworks that resonate with their cultural and emotional sensibilities. This anticipated growth will create an increasingly vibrant and varied art world.

Unlimited Art Basel 2023 is poised to captivate audiences with its global representation, diverse selection, and thought-provoking artworks. Under the astute curation of Giovanni Carmine, this exhibition stands as a testament to the power of art to transcend boundaries, initiate discussions, and shape the future of the art world.


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