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Journeying Through Pastry Excellence with Jimmy Boulay, Head Pastry Chef at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

Infusing a thrilling blend of French culinary artistry and experimental creativity into the Korean capital, the Four Seasons Hotel Seoul proudly announces the appointment of Jimmy Boulay as Executive Pastry Chef in 2022. A master pâtissier and chocolatier with a resume that spans global culinary capitals, Boulay's odyssey began at the iconic confectionary house Fauchon in Paris and has seen him pass through world-renowned establishments such as Pierre Gagnaire's Sketch London, Le Meurice, Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, and Conrad Osaka. Trained under culinary legends like Alain Ducasse, Cédric Grolet, Yannick Alléno, and Yoric Tièche, Boulay brings his groundbreaking talents to the spotlight, overseeing pastries across the eight diverse restaurants and bars as well as the expansive banqueting operations at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul. His culinary journey is a fascinating amalgamation of diverse culinary traditions, extensive training, and transformative experiences that have shaped him into one of the most exciting culinary stars of his generation.

Jimmy Boulay, Head Pastry Chef at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul
Jimmy Boulay, Head Pastry Chef at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

The Genesis of a Culinary Artist: Chef Boulay's Formative Years

The roots of Chef Boulay's passion for pastry artistry can be traced back to a formative childhood experience: a captivating exhibition featuring geometric artworks crafted from sugar. This event was a pivotal moment that led him to see the culinary world as a fascinating blend of science and art. Determined to delve deeper, he embarked on specialized academic training focusing on pastry, chocolate, and confectionery. Upon graduation, his first gig was at Fauchon, where the legacy of the institution and the mentors he found there further ignited his passion for the craft. Even in these early days, his unique flair for combining the scientific and artistic aspects of pastry-making was evident.

Molecular Gastronomy: Science Meets Sensory Experience

A cornerstone of Chef Boulay's culinary ideology lies in his scientific approach, particularly his mastery of molecular gastronomy. This specialized field allows chefs to alter the physical and chemical properties of ingredients to create novel textures and flavors. By understanding these properties at a molecular level, Chef Boulay has crafted desserts that defy traditional expectations, offering a sensorial journey that is as surprising as it is delightful. His wizardry in the lab-like kitchen involves a deep understanding of each ingredient’s potential, leading to a culinary repertoire that's both intellectually intriguing and palate-pleasing.

Last year, his culinary skills have been showcased through items like the Golden Jeju Mango Bingsu and Mango Flower Tart, which stood as testaments to his innovative techniques. These dishes were crafted to be multisensory experiences, weaving together contrasting flavors and tactile surprises. However, Boulay doesn't rest on past accomplishments; he's constantly pushing the envelope. He emphasizes that molecular gastronomy demands meticulous attention and extensive hands-on labour, with plans underway to reintroduce desserts employing this technique in the near future.

Mango Flower Tart Four Season hotel Seoul

Mango Flower Tart

A Seasonal Symphony of Bingsu Delights at Maru Lounge

This season, Four Seasons Hotel Seoul has launched an enticing new Bingsu menu at their lobby lounge, Maru, taking their guests on a sensational journey from May through September. Crafted to captivate a wide range of palates, each Bingsu dish is a harmonious blend of fresh local ingredients, organic milk, and natural sweeteners, styled with the signature Four Seasons flair.

Among the standout offerings is the "Honey & Fig Bingsu," a delicious autumnal treat combining the warmth of local honey with the succulent richness of figs. This dish perfectly embodies the chef’s dedication to creating a complex tapestry of textures and flavours in every spoonful. Other offerings include “Apple Mango Garden Bingsu” and “Maru Bingsu”, each tantalizing the palate with their unique blend of seasonal flavours and textures.

By keeping his culinary repertoire fresh and seasonally relevant, Boulay demonstrates his commitment to creating desserts that offer a balance between intellectual intrigue and sensory delight.

Anticipating a Culinary Adventure in Seoul

As he takes the helm at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, Boulay is enthusiastic about the culinary opportunities that await him. "Oriental food and ingredients have always intrigued me," he shares, "but South Korea has its unique culinary culture that I'm eager to explore." With a love for discovering new ingredients, techniques, and cultural nuances, Chef Boulay is all set to introduce a whole new dimension of pastry artistry, fusing traditional Korean elements with avant-garde Western techniques for an unparalleled dining experience.

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Chocolate Delight


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