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"Voices of Noto": Esquisse and Noto's Culinary Artists Unite for Earthquake Relief

"NOTO NO KOÉ," a charity event hosted by Tokyo's celebrated two-star French Michelin restaurant Esquisse, marks a unique collaboration among renowned culinary figures and local artisans directly affected by the recent earthquake.

noto no koe

From May 17 to May 20, 2024, Esquisse teams up with Akito Akagi, a Wajima nuri lacquer artist; Toshiya Ikehata, chef of "L’Atelier de NOTO"; Meiju Hirata, chef of "Villa de la Pace"; and Yutaka Kitazaki, chef of "Saryo Somamichi."

Led by Esquisse's Executive Chef Lionel Beccat, this initiative supports the earthquake recovery efforts in the Noto Peninsula by celebrating the region’s rich culture through special meals. The proceeds will aid the participating local artisans—who are also survivors of the earthquake—and contribute to the "2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund" managed by the Hokuriku Mirai Foundation.

For more detailed information, please visit Esquisse's official page.


Photo by Esquisse


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