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LOY Gallery presents “A Trail to Chase”where every step unveils a story

LOY Gallery presents “A Trail to Chase”, a specially curated exhibition of art and design works that transcends the boundaries of creativity, inspiring new ways of considering fresh intersections of collecting and function. Running from 12 April to 31 May 2024, the group exhibition consists of 29 multi-disciplinary works, bringing together a definitive selection of artists from across the globe in a stunning showcase of art and design.


Viktor Udzenija, Booblyfook

mage courtesy of LOY Contemporary Art Gallery

“A Trail to Chase” invites visitors on an introspective expedition, encouraging them to uncover the narratives embedded in collectible design and functional art, and to reflect on the interconnectedness of our world through the medium of extraordinary creations. Curated by Ansha Jin, the exhibition represents not just a meeting of minds but a confluence of paths—each work a waypoint in a larger voyage of artistic exploration and craftsmanship. Artists featured in the show include Viktor Udzenija, Fernando Mastrangelo, J McDonald, REM Atelier, Brecht Wright Gander, Vincent Pocsik, Charlotte Kingsnorth, Jialun Cao, and Clotilde Ancarani.

LOY Gallery founder Dennis Ouyang says, “As a new contemporary art gallery in Singapore, we’re pleased to be bringing local and visiting audiences a thoughtful showcase that traverses creative boundaries. LOY Gallery’s mission is to be a platform for artists to showcase impactful and intersectional contemporary art and design, and to inspire ideas and dialogue around our exhibitions. With “A Trail to Chase”, join us in embracing the spirit of adventure, as we navigatethe intricate trails laid by visionary artists and their creations, bridging distances, and connecting worlds.”

On show is Brooklyn-based artist Fernando Mastrangelo, known for his works that are sculpted by hand from natural or repurposed materials such as sand, salt, silica, and crushed or powdered glass – drawing inspiration from his passionate concern with ecological issues that continues to influence his works.


Charlotte Kingsnorth, Birds Eye Dressing Table Set

Image courtesy of LOY Contemporary Art Gallery


Vincent Poscik, CHARLIE

Image courtesy of LOY Contemporary Art Gallery

Charlotte Kingsnorth cuts through traditional craft techniques and hacks into industrial processes to realize an individual art form, producing works that reflect contemporary culture. The British artist’s work welds functionality with sculpture, where pre-existing chair frames are inflated with alter egos with a nod to the zeitgeist of the period they were made. The psychological and physical connection between people and objects feeds into her work, questioning interpreted beauty and the accepted archetype of an object.

Deeply rooted in the digital representation and fabrication of his creations, American artist Vincent Pocsik’s creations are shaped by his desire to push the boundaries of traditional mediums such as wood, glass, and metal to transform them into artworks with an anatomical expression and have presences of their own, wanting his works to be provocative, grotesque, and take on a life of their own.

“A Trail to Chase” embraces the innate discomfort in shifted perspective, in viewing things another way. Each artist offers a voyage unlike another, harnessing nature’s raw beauty and modern innovation. Within the walls of the space, the exhibition traces the invisible routes that art travels, highlighting how each piece carries with it stories of cultural heritage, artistic endeavour, and the unending pursuit of beauty. The trail is shorthand for the convergence of people, place, and path; patterns mapped through use.


A Trail to Chase

Dates: 12 April – 31 May, 2024

Venue: LOY Gallery, 133 Tanglin Road, Singapore


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