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Bringing Dreams to Life: The Iconic Posters of Paris 2024

Legendary objects in the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Iconic Posters have gradually become artistic works in their own right, providing a foretaste of each edition of the Games.

Firstly, we wanted to tell a strong story for both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, as we had done with our emblem and our mascot. For the first time at the Summer Games, the Iconic Posters take the form of a diptych, with the same artistic direction. They are two independent posters telling the story of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which, when placed side by side, tell the whole story of Paris 2024.

To create this unique object, we chose to work with the talented illustrator Ugo Gattoni. His highly colourful world captures all the richness and diversity of our project. It features the major symbols of Paris 2024, alongside numerous references to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as to Paris and France. A veritable fresco showcasing sport in the city, these posters are also an ode to our motto: “Games wide open”. They tell the story of our Games, a story that is at once festive, moving and universal, and that speaks to each and every one of us. We are proud to present the Iconic Posters of Paris 2024! ーTony ESTANGUET, Paris 2024 President

Paris 2024,  poster

The iconic posters of Paris 2024

The Posters for Paris 2024 were designed to create a vibrant and joyful universe centered around the Eiffel Tower and the Stade de France, representing Paris, Seine-Saint-Denis, and sports in the city. Illustrator Ugo Gattoni was tasked with the challenge of capturing the richness of the project in a single work, focusing on three main creative themes. Firstly, they aimed for effervescence and detail, creating a composition filled with micro-elements and scenes for viewers to explore freely, discovering new narratives with each glance. Secondly, the posters evoke reverie and fantasy, depicting a utopian version of Paris as a stadium-city where sports and Art Deco influences blend, bridging past and present. Lastly, they emphasize cheerfulness and lightness, reflecting the celebratory spirit of the Paris 2024 Games with their colorful and luxurious design.

The Iconic Posters of Paris 2024 are a diptych intertwining Olympism and Paralympism. For the first time in the history of the Summer Games, the Olympic Poster and the Paralympic Poster have been designed together: both can function independently, but can also be brought together to form a single, seamless composition that tells the wider story of the Paris 2024 project. This fusion underlines and celebrates the inclusive dimension of Paris 2024, which has been placed under the banner of unity - a single emblem, a single mascot, a single slogan, a single French Team, a single Organising Committee, etc. The Iconic Posters of Paris 2024 aim to visually represent the essence of the Games by presenting a single fresco incorporating various elements, symbols, and values. These include Olympic and Paralympic symbols, signature elements of the Paris 2024 edition, iconic symbols of Paris and France, and representation of numerous sports, including the four new sports added by Paris 2024 to its program: breaking, sport climbing, skateboarding, and surfing.

Ugo Gattoni

Illustrator Ugo Gattoni

Collaboration with illustrator Ugo Gattoni

To create the Iconic Posters for Paris 2024, the Organising Committee called on Ugo Gattoni, who initially immersed himself in the project, the narrative, the vision and the world of Paris 2024, before starting to draw. In total, over 2,000 hours, i.e. six months of intensive work, went into creating the Posters.

Ugo Gattoni's artistic style blends fantasy and surrealism, creating vibrant and enchanting worlds that invite viewers to escape and dream. His intricate creations overflow with detail, forming graphic mazes where viewers can freely explore and discover new stories with each immersion. Playing with scale, Gattoni seamlessly integrates the gigantic with the minuscule, guiding viewers on a journey from large to small or vice versa. His ultra-precise technique, often employing pencil or ink, results in meticulous and detailed works. Influenced by ancient architecture and Greek mythology, Gattoni's imagination draws from a diverse range of sources, contributing to the richness of his artistic vision.

From March 5 onward, this iconic poster will brightly illuminate the city of Paris, including museums, schools, and Augmented reality.


Paris 2024

Photos by Paris 2024


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