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Uber's Partnership with Berlinale 2024: A Blend of Sustainability and Glamour

Uber has undergone significant changes over the past decade, with the last five years being particularly pivotal. Froehlich reminisced about the company's humble beginnings in Germany, where it started with the UberX service in just three cities. Fast forward to today, Uber has expanded its presence to over 19 cities in Germany and introduced UberEats more than two years ago. This growth reflects Uber's journey from being a niche service to becoming an essential part of urban mobility.

Tobias Froehlich

Tobias Froehlich, Courtesy of Uber

The journey wasn't without its challenges, as Froehlich acknowledged the initial compliance issues and resistance from the taxi industry. However, Uber's commitment to being a reliable partner and its vision to reduce the reliance on private cars have led to a significant shift in perception.  Froehlich stated, "Uber is now part of the daily life, part of the city's mobility." The platform is now seen as an integral part of the city's mobility solutions, offering a convenient alternative during times when public transport is less available.

Expanding Cultural Influence

Uber's cultural aspirations extend far beyond the Berlinale. In a partnership with Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), Uber has announced the renaming of iconic Berlin venues to Uber Arena and Uber Eats Music Hall, effective from March 22, 2024​​​​. This collaboration sets new standards in live entertainment and underscores Uber's deep connection to Berlin's arts, culture, and sports scene. 

Uber's involvement in cultural events doesn't stop there. Uber has been actively involved in other cultural events, such as the Berlin Fashion Week, where it served as the official mobility partner, providing stylish and comfortable transportation solutions for attendees. The company has also launched the "Uber Berlinale Künstleraktion" last year, an initiative that showcases the work of Berlin-based artists, further integrating Uber into the city's vibrant cultural landscape.

As Uber continues to weave its services into the fabric of urban life, it's clear that the platform is no longer just a mobility provider. It's a catalyst for cultural experiences, connecting people not only to their destinations but also to the art, entertainment, and glamour that make city life so enriching.

Uber Glam

Uber Glam

Uber Glam


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