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Izumi Ogino's Fashion Fusion: Celebrating 30 Years of Anteprima with Asakusa Geisha

Izumi Ogino Celebrates Anteprima's 30th Anniversary with Asakusa Geisha Collaboration 7th October 2023, TOKYO - Renowned Japanese creative director Izumi Ogino of Anteprima marked her brand's 30th Anniversary with a special collaboration with "Asakusa Odori." At the heart of the event was the theme of merging tradition with contemporary fashion, with Asakusa Geisha gracefully showcasing Ogino's latest collection. The collaboration aims to share Japanese traditional culture with the world, emphasizing the beauty and potential of integrating two seemingly different elements.

In commemoration of the brand's three decades in the fashion industry, Anteprima has unveiled its 30TH ANNIVERSARY WIREBAG Collection, themed "Glow in the Dark." This collection intertwines with the brand's core philosophy, "LOVE." A signature bag from this collection, featuring Ogino's handwritten "LOVE" illuminated in neon red, became an emblematic representation of the event. The idea behind this collection, as Ogino expresses, is to find love in the details of life and design. This philosophy is encapsulated in the STANDARD MINIATURA WIREBAG, which, for the anniversary, gets adorned with unique and exquisite details.

Izumi Ogino with the signature bag "LOVE"
Izumi Ogino with the signature bag "LOVE"

During the event, Ogino shared her insights:

"This collaboration is intriguing and unique. Merging Japanese traditional culture with contemporary passion could lead to novel inspirations despite their contrasting nature." When asked about the significance of the collection, she noted, "Celebrating 30 years of Anteprima, I've always infused love into the brand. The longstanding appreciation for Asakusa dancing by the Japanese aligns perfectly with our event today."

Reflecting on the broader implications of her collaboration, Ogino said, "Integrating culture into my collections is pivotal. This collaboration has broadened my network and perspectives. The marriage of traditional Kimonos with our modern wire bags presents a thrilling new challenge for us."

This harmonious fusion of traditional Japanese culture and modern fashion not only marks Anteprima's milestone but also paves the way for future innovative cultural collaborations in the fashion industry.


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