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Fashion and Tradition: Miao Embroidery Shines at Milan Fashion Week 2023

Hui, a distinguished subsidiary of Zhao Huizhou’s Eachway Fashion Group stood out as the sole fashion brand to host a runway show at the celebrated biannual fashion extravaganza in Milan, Italy, unveiling their Spring/Summer 2024 collections. This notable showcase, a collaboration between the Chinese Consulate General in Milan and the Guizhou Provincial Government, adorned the venerable Clerici Palace with traditional masterpieces, where the splendor of Miao embroidery—a revered element of China's national intangible cultural heritage—was the centerpiece.

Models show Zhao's collection on the catwalk. Courtesy @ HUI

This season marked the 13th appearance of the Shenzhen designer at Milan Fashion Week. Drawing inspiration from the distinctive five-color square patterns inherent to the traditional attire of the Four Seals Miao, Zhao breathed life into a collection rich in tradition and ethnicity.

The heritage of the Miao ethnic people from Guizhou province was intricately embodied through the exquisite embroidery. Artisans utilized vibrant threads to intertwine mythical entities such as dragons, phoenixes, and insects into the fabric, transforming each garment into a narrative canvas, known as “the Miao epic worn on the body”, reflecting the Miao people’s philosophies, values, and aesthetic perceptions.

Designer Zhao Huizhou, with precision and care, designed pieces that resonate with the essence of the Miao people’s spiritual realm. A prominent feature was the Mother Butterfly pattern, an emblem held in high esteem by the Miao, embodying a legend wherein the eggs of a butterfly birthed Jiangyang, the ancestor of the Miao people, rendering the Mother Butterfly a divine entity in their culture.

Zhao Huizhou, the founder of the HUI brand. Courtesy @ HUI

“Our designs this time are deeply influenced by the five-color square Miao patterns, a unique cultural facet with immense historical, cultural, social, and artistic significance, and through the Four Seals Miao of Guizhou, it tells stories about the Miao ethnicity. From the stories, one can see the kindness, diligence, and the sense of cultural heritage power in Miao women," expressed Zhao.

Photos Courtesy @ HUI

Barbara Mazzali, Councilor for Tourism, Fashion, and Territorial Marketing of Italy's Lombardy region, conveyed her delight at discovering Guizhou's magnificent landscapes and the refined Miao embroidery, stating it beautifully manifests the allure of China and the sagacity of its people.


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