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Interview with Izumi Ogino of ANTEPRIMA at Milan Fashion Week S/S 2024

At Milan Fashion Week in September 2023, Izumi Ogino, Founder and Creative Director of ANTEPRIMA, showcased the Spring-Summer 2024 collection, dubbed "Game On!". This collection emerged as a harmonious blend of playful exuberance and refined sweetness, realized in collaboration with renowned Japanese artist Kei Takemura and the musically adept cellist, Sonoko Muraoka. This amalgamation of art and music—melding modern innovation with timeless elegance—resonated profoundly, reflecting the evolved essence and global presence of the ANTEPRIMA brand.

Izumi Ogino, Founder and Creative Director of ANTEPRIMA
Izumi Ogino, Founder and Creative Director of ANTEPRIMA

Gen de Art: How do you feel the brand has evolved since its first collection in Milan?

Izumi Ogino: I initiated this brand 30 years ago. Even in the past, I've created the Milano Moda Donna collection, marking 25 years of evolution in design and expression.

Gen de Art: What significance does participating in the Milan collections hold for you?

Izumi Ogino: Participating in collections, whether in Milan, Paris, or London, is crucial for becoming an international brand. These cities are meeting spots for all fashion people, making them accessible for designers, models, photographers, and makeup artists. The timing and the exposure are pivotal for buyers and media, hence why I feel proud and deem it necessary to have a show in Milan.

Gen de Art: Can you share the highlight of this season's collection?

Izumi Ogino: This season is about embracing the playful and sweet aspects of women, represented through the theme "Game On!". I have collaborated with Takemura, a Japanese modern artist, to meld art with fashion successfully. The performance by cellist Muraoka brought a beautiful twist of classic music to our modern collection, reflecting my penchant for hard contrasts in my collections.

Gen de Art: What are the next steps or goals Anteprima is aiming for?

Izumi Ogino: I aspire to continue with cultural exchanges and collaborations across different art forms like ballet, music, and modern art. It is about connecting different fields to create more impactful waves. I see fashion as a powerful medium to connect people, and I envision my work as a beautiful wall or frame for the art. Moreover, I am collaborating with the CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile) museum in Hong Kong to create an award in connection with the textile museum.

Gen de Art: Would you like to share any more plans or collaborations?

Izumi Ogino: We will be having events in various locations, including London, Singapore, and Japan. In Japan, we are planning a celebration of Asakusa day with Asakusa geisha girls, with events scheduled for 7th October.


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