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Art of Change 21 and the Palais de Tokyo announce the 12 winners of the Eco-Design Art Prize

Following the success of the first edition of the Eco-Design Art Prize in 2023, Art of Change 21 and its partner the Palais de Tokyo are continuing their action towards artists and the ecological transition in contemporary art with a second edition in 2024. Awarded to 12 winners on April 2, 2024 at the Palais de Tokyo, this Prize aims to support artists in reducing their environmental impact and promote eco-design in artistic creation.

Eco-Design Art Prize

Ittah Yoda, Amandine Arcelli, Adrien Vescovi, Alizée Armet, Jonathan Potana, Assoukrou Aké, Victor Cord’homme, Desire Moheb-Zandi, Alice Magne, Ouazzani Carrier, Lélia Demoisy, Julia Gault

The Eco-Design Art Prize, organized by Art of Change 21, in partnership with the Palais de Tokyo, is a real springboard for contemporary artists wishing to reduce the environmental impact of their artistic practice. The success of the first edition in 2023 (278 applications received) demonstrates the importance of such an initiative and the growing expectations of artists in terms of environmental responsibility. For its second edition, the Prize received 356 applications. The 12 winners chosen by a prestigious jury were announced on April 2, 2024, at the Palais de Tokyo. They will receive support from 18 experts and artists on carbon and eco-design, as well as a 1,000 euro prize.

The Eco-Design Art Prize aims to raise awareness of climate change and eco-design among the French art scene, enabling it to adapt to and anticipate the major changes ahead. It has four objectives: to train artists in environmental issues and eco-design practices, to support them in measuring and reducing their impact, to share best practices and to promote the role of artists in the ecological and solidarity-based transition. It is part of a long-term action program by the Art of Change 21 association to promote environmental commitment in the contemporary art sector.


Eco-Design Art Prize

Dates: April 24, May 16, and June 7 2024

Venue: Palais de Tokyo

Photo by Art of Change


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