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Contemporary Art Fair “ART OSAKA 2024” will take place at 3 venues in 2 areas of Osaka for 5 days from July 18 to 22, 2024

ART OSAKA 2024 announces the exhibitor list for its 22nd edition, which will welcome 66 galleries from 6 countries and 12 cities, including 5 exhibitors presenting at the fair for the first time. ART OSAKA will take place in three venues in two areas: Nakanoshima and Kitakagaya, from July 18 to 22, 2024.

Installation view of ART OSAKA 2023 Expanded Section at Creative Center Osaka, Kimura Takeshi, Tezukayama Gallery


ART OSAKA is the longest-running contemporary art fair in Japan and is characterized by its independent spirit. Since its establishment in 2002 by primary galleries in Osaka, the fair has been promoting social recognition of contemporary art in Japan and offering the real pleasure of engaging with it. Now, ART OSAKA is one of the leading fairs in Japan, showcasing Japanese contemporary art and focusing on the trends of outstanding young and mid-career artists in the Kansai region, including Kyoto and Osaka, where there are many art universities.


ART OSAKA has not only a regular white cube booth “Galleries” section, but also an “Expanded” section which focus to large three-dimensional works, installations, new media since 2022.

The “Galleries” section is held at the Osaka City Central Public Hall in Nakanoshima, a cultural concentration area in the center of Osaka, while the “Expanded” section is held at the Creative Center Osaka and Kagoo in Kitakagaya where artist studios and other creative facilities have been gathering in recent years. Direct shuttle buses connect the two venues during the fair, taking approximately 30-40 minutes ride.

“Galleries” section this year will welcome 45 galleries gather from Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Mie, Aichi, and Tokyo in Japan, and from Taiwan and Korea overseas. The booths showcasing young and mid-career artists include, Art Court Gallery(Osaka) introduces Ishizuka Genta and Saijo Akane, who fuse traditional Japanese techniques with contemporary art, and Tezukayama Gallery(Osaka) introduces paintings by such as Sugiyama Takuro and Yasuda Tomoshi. Gallery Nomart(Osaka) also introduces painter Kuromiya Nana as a solo exhibition, and Gallery Rin(Tokyo) shows Suzuki Atsuo’s carving paintings. While, the booths introducing prominent artists are as follows, Nishimura Gallery(Tokyo), a legendary gallery of art history in Japan, presents a splendid group exhibition including Funakoshi Katsura, Kobayashi Takanobu, Machida Kumi and Misawa Atsuhiko. Yamaki Fine Art(Hyogo) presents Mishima Kimiyo, known internationally for her avant-garde ceramics. Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery(Osaka) also introduces works by Gutai artists. Other exhibitors include Mori Yu Gallery(Kyoto), showcasing paintings by Kuroda Aki, Kenji Taki Gallery(Nagoya), introducing Shiota Chiharu, Tomio Koyama Gallery(Tokyo), introducing popular artists such as Tom Sachs, and Megumi Ogita Gallery(Tokyo), introducing Tsuchiya Yoshimasa, whose wood sculptures are highly popular. Moreover, MEM(Tokyo) which are strong in Japanese photography, and Capacious(Osaka), which introduces outsider art, are also not to be missed.

“Expanded” section will feature 21 artists (units) from 21 galleries, specializing in large-scale works, installations, and new media, under the theme of expansion. The galleries are from Osaka, Kyoto, Aichi, Nagano, Tokyo, Korea, and the United States. Taking advantage of the expansive site of the former shipbuilding yard and the unique space of a former furniture store, the artists are able to fully demonstrate their abilities, and a site-specific exhibition will emerge that can only be seen here. Highlights will include Yoshimi Arts(Osaka), presents Nishiyama Minako’s 1990s museum quality work; Art Court Gallery(Osaka), shows Nishino Tatsuzo’s largest work of his life in a space of 60 meters; Tomio Koyama Gallery(Tokyo), introduces the large painting by Sopheap Pich who is one of the leading Cambodian artists; Gallery Sekiryu (Nagano, Tokyo), presents the installation by German artists Astrid Köppe. Moreover, Gallery Chosun(Seoul) introduces the two-persons installation show of Min Sung-hong and Ahn Sang-hoon. Photography-oriented gallery The Third Gallery Aya(Osaka) shows Mori Koichi and Mashimo Takehisa’s experiential and interactive artworks. Tezukayama Gallery(Osaka) shows Goto Yasuka’s giant ink painting works. Gallery Kogure(Tokyo) produce Ishiguro Kenichiro’s solo exhibition who is a top realist painter in Japan.

For the full list of participating galleries, please visit:

RELATED PROGRAM : 3 German Artists’ Group Exhibition “Drawn with all waters”

ART OSAKA also host the special exhibition, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Osaka-Hamburg City Friendship, titled “Drawn with all waters”, group exhibition of Mariella Mosler, Oliver Ross and Josephin Böttger. In addition to its presentations within official venues, the fair will extend into the city of Osaka through ART OSAKA’s related programs, which include special public open of the artists studio, the private museum of Morimura Yasumasa and the mega art storage.


©Osaka City Central Public Hall


Installation view of ART OSAKA 2023 Galleries Section at Osaka City Central Public Hall

For additional information on ART OSAKA’s Related Event Programs, please visit



Dates: July 18 (Thursday) to 22 (Monday), 2024

*Opening hours vary by venue.

■Galleries Section: Nakanoshima Area

Dates: July 19 (Friday) to 21 (Sunday), 2024

Public: July 20 (Saturday) 11:00–19:00, July 21 (Sunday) 11:00–17:00

Private: July 19 (Friday) for invitees and press only

Participating Galleries: 45 galleries

Venue: Osaka City Central Public Hall, 3rd Floor [Medium Assembly Room, Small Assembly Room, Special Room]

Address: 1-1-27 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0005

■Expanded Section: Kitagaya Area

Dates: July 18 (Thursday) to 22 (Monday), 2024

Public: July 18 (Thursday) 14:00–19:00, July 19 (Friday) to 21 (Sunday) 11:00–19:00, July 22 (Monday) 11:00–17:00

Participating Artists: 21 artists


  • Creative Center Osaka (former Namura Shipbuilding Osaka Factory Site)

Address: 4-1-55 Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0011

  • Kagoo

Address: 5-4-19 Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0011


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