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BMW and Alex Israel Unveil AI-Powered Video Installation at Art Basel Hong Kong

At this year’s Art Basel Hong Kong in March, BMW in collaboration with Los Angeles-based contemporary artist Alex Israel, introduced REMEMBR, an AI-powered video installation that merges art with cutting-edge technology to offer visitors a unique journey through time and memory. Celebrating its Asia premiere, the installation is centered around the all-electric BMW i7, showcasing innovative in-car experience features. From March 28 to 30, 2024, REMEMBR took center stage at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), marking a significant highlight of the global art event.


Alex Israel

Opening Reception: REMEMBR at Art Basel Hong Kong 2024. Artist Alex Israel.

As a Global Partner of Art Basel, BMW continued its tradition of providing VIP car service, enriching the art show experience for attendees. Alex Israel, known for his thought-provoking works that often intersect popular culture, art, and technology, has collaborated with BMW to push the boundaries of digital-age art. REMEMBR, which initially premiered at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2023 using the BMW i5 as inspiration, was further developed for its Asian debut, emphasizing the all-electric BMW i7.


Alex Israel’s REMEMBR is an immersive experience that invites guests to explore and share hyper-memories. The installation features seven custom-designed screens and employs AI technology to collect, filter, compose, and choreograph content captured by visitors' phone cameras. Speaking about the project, Israel shared, "REMEMBR with BMW has been an incredible journey. The BMW i7, with its advanced AI technology, has been a milestone in human-machine relationships for me. This project allows us to revisit memories in a novel and engaging way."


BMW Alex Israel

BMW Alex Israel

REMEMBR exemplifies BMW’s dedication to innovation, luxury design, and cutting-edge technology, with the BMW i7 representing a forward-moving symbol of integration and an empowering mindset. The installation highlights the intersection of art, technology, and automotive design, offering a glimpse into the future of creative expression.


Israel shared insights into the development of REMEMBR for Art Basel Hong Kong, revealing the project's evolution from Miami to Asia. The artist emphasized the collaborative effort to refine the technology behind REMEMBR and enhance the piece with new animations, aiming to solve the problem of content overproduction and create a more engaging way to revisit personal memories.


Israel also highlighted the synergy between his artistic vision and BMW’s design philosophy, particularly the use of color and AI technology to enhance the visitor experience. Looking forward, Israel expressed hope that REMEMBR represents just the beginning of the evolving relationship between art, technology, and automotive design.


REMEMBR at Art Basel Hong Kong set a new standard for integrating art with technology, promising exciting possibilities for future creative endeavors.

BMW Alex Israel

BMW Alex Israel

Photo: Victor Cheng


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