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Gen de Art No.7 is releasing in Japan Cherry Blossom season 2022

"Gen de Art" March 2022 Cover: artwork by Japanese artist Reiji Hiramatsu.

In anticipation of the spring season, marked by the beautiful sights of Sakura blossoming in Japan, we set out on a new journey to explore the mysteries of artistic creation in conversations with brilliant craftsmen. The spring issue of Gen de Art delves into the creative worlds of winemakers, sake and whisky producers, world-renowned chefs from around the globe and cutting-edge Japanese artists. In this issue, we speak to craftsmen about the importance of their creations, the inspiration that goes into their work, and the symbolism of family bonds, historical traditions and deep-rooted connections with nature.

Together with winemakers from France’s top wine regions, including Château Mouton Rothschild in Bordeaux and Domaine Olivier Leflaive, we explore the history and legends of French winemaking and asked them about the creative spirit that goes into the process of creating the world’s finest wines. We then speak to Japanese producers of spirits, including Nikka Whisky and Yaegaki Brewery specialising in sake, about the complex knowledge of spirits as a prerequisite to creating outstanding products, as well as the role of national traditions that earn Japanese spirits their international reputation.

In our conversations with brilliant chefs working in Japan and France, we explore the vital elements of creating fine dining experiences and learn about the keys to their success. Finally, we ask Japanese artists Reiji Hiramatsu and Hiroko Otake, ikebana artist Akane Teshigahara and architect Tsuyoshi Tane, and Colombian-born painter Fernando Botero to share their perspectives on memory, tradition, and classical art, as well as the role these components play in their work.

*Purchase for Gen de Art print magazine is now available at TSUTAYA, Rakuten and Amazon, while digital magazine is available at FUJISAN and ISSUU in Japan.


*For oversea readers, please contact BRUIL & VAN DE STAAIJ for the orders.


Gen de Art

Gen de Art is a destination for living art. It is a bilingual quarterly publication, covering the latest stories in art and cultureof outstanding high-profile craftsmen from Japan and across the world. The magazine highlights key artists who are redefining the boundaries of contemporary art, winemaking, and fine dining. At Gen de Art, we focus on important conversations and ask big questions to fully embrace the nature of artistic creation and various ways of expression.


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