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【Kazu Saito's Japanese Art Exhibition ~Until Love Reaches You~】

The Elegant World of Japanese Art:

A Symphony of Love that Embraces the Heart

Event Overview

Dates: April 21st (Fri) - April 23rd (Sun), 2023

Opening hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (until 5:00 pm on the last day)

Venue: Fujigran Matsuyama 5F Gallery , 1-2-1 Miyawest, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture 790-8567

Admission Fee: Free

Event Purpose

For three days, we will hold an original painting exhibition that conveys the heart-stirring melody of love by Kazu Saito, a Kyoto-based Japanese painter who shines both domestically and internationally. The theme of this exhibition is "Hometown, People, and Scenery." Amidst the emergence of a new daily life after overcoming the COVID-19 crisis, Saito expresses warmth and love through landscape paintings. His works will surely deliver love and healing to our hearts.


During the exhibition, Kazu Saito will perform live ink painting every day. The paper used is the traditional Ozu Washi (Japanese traditional paper), created by Tenjin Washi in Uchiko Town, Kitagun, Ehime Prefecture. Using this historically rich paper, Saito will showcase a heart-touching live painting performance for about 30 minutes from 1:00 pm.

Artworks of Kazu Saito:


Organizer's Information

Company name: WAO! Corporation

President and CEO: Eisaku Wada

Address: 2-3-5 Hakata Ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, TI Building 3・4F

TEL: 0120-001286 (main)

FAX: 092-481-0881

Contact Information: WAO! Corporation, Hatsumizu Hayakawa

TEL: 092-481-2361


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