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Kohei Nawa's solo exhibition "Cosmic Sensibility" at Pace Gallery Seoul has been extended

Kohei Nawa's solo exhibition Cosmic Sensibility at Pace Gallery in Seoul, has been extended until January 20, 2024.

名和晃平 ペースギャラリー ソウル

This exhibition combines paintings and sculptures from five different bodies of work and conveys Nawa's long-standing interest in art's perceptual, sensorial, and phenomenological possibilities. The title —Cosmic Sensibility— sets the exhibition's central concept —how we are intertwined in the fabric of the cosmos, and is an homage to the artist and Nawa's mentor, Hitoshi Nomura, whose oeuvre questions the relationship between the universe and life.

Nawa's show will begin on the first floor with his mixed-media installation "Biomatrix (W)," where the silicone oil traces the formation and flow of cells. New works from the "Ether" sculpture series, based on 3D modeling of a highly viscous liquid in various stages of descent, will also be presented in this space.

On the second floor, Nawa's masterpiece sculpture series, "PixCell," will invite viewers into the world of proliferating cells. The new works in the "PixCell" series feature peculiar combinations of objects and creatures that reference the history of surrealism while creating new textures in a present moment where technology disrupts the boundaries between reality and virtuality.

名和晃平 ペースギャラリー ソウル

The third floor will unveil a new sculpture series, "Spark," finished entirely in black. Its bold and enigmatic appearance of carbon fiber rods and velvet evokes the rifts in reality created by the energy of agitated cells. The same floor will also feature the "Rhythm" series, finished in three shades of gray velvet, exploring the circularity and complexity of the natural world.

The exhibition will submerge viewers in the flow of cells and make them experience the awakening of their own cosmic sensibilities.

名和晃平 ペースギャラリー ソウル

General Information

Exhibition Period

until January 20 (Sat), 2024

Opening Hours

10:00 - 18:00


Mondays and Sundays


Pace Gallery

Photo: Nobutada OMOTE

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