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Music in PyeongChang Festival Celebrates 20 Years with a Harmonious Ode to Nature, open on July 26

The enchanting landscapes of Gangwon State, South Korea, are set to come alive with the mellifluous melodies of the Music in PyeongChang festival. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, this annual classical music extravaganza promises to be a mesmerizing ode to nature and a celebration of cultural harmony. Under the Artistic Direction of renowned cellist Sung-Won Yang, the festival has become a beacon of artistic excellence, uniting talented musicians from Korea and beyond. Of special significance this year is the participation of the Japanese cellist Michiaki Ueno, adding an exquisite touch of cultural exchange and friendship between Japan and Korea.

The Festival's Roots and Vision

The genesis of the Music in PyeongChang festival can be traced back two decades when it was conceived as part of PyeongChang's successful bid to host the 2018 Winter Games. Its resounding success led to continued funding from the Gangwon State, transforming it into a beloved annual event.

Guided by the artistic prowess of Sung-Won Yang, himself an accomplished cellist and festival organizer, the festival is now poised to secure its place as a preeminent classical music event in Korea. Yang's passion for music and experience in organizing successful events have set the stage for a truly memorable celebration of art and culture.

Harmony with Nature: A Fitting Theme

This year's theme, "Nature," gracefully weaves throughout the festival's program, exploring the profound connection between music and the natural world. The audience will be transported to a realm where evocative compositions mirror the beauty and wonder of nature.

The opening performance at the picturesque Daegwallyeong Music Tent will feature the Gyeonggi Philharmonic Orchestra performing "Peer Gynt suites" No. 1 and 4, immersing the audience in the lush grandeur of Edvard Grieg's compositions. Sung-Won Yang, alongside violinist Inmo Yang and pianist William Youn, will captivate with Beethoven’s masterpiece, the "Triple Concerto," fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and harmony.

Cultural Exchange through Music: Michiaki Ueno's Presence

At the heart of this celebration of cultural exchange stands the distinguished Japanese cellist Michiaki Ueno. Hailed for his remarkable artistry and passionate performances, Ueno is a rising star in the world of classical music. Together with Korean cellists, Ueno will share a recital and perform a concerto with the orchestra, serving as a harmonious bridge between Japan and Korea.

Sung-Won Yang expressed his desire for this collaboration to convey a powerful message – that between Japan and Korea, beautiful things can be shared, and cultural heritage can be cherished. He believes that the festival's celebration of music and nature can foster unity and friendship, transcending borders and bringing people together.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Music in PyeongChang goes beyond enchanting performances; it aims to inspire and nurture the next generation of musicians. The inclusion of the Kyiv Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, currently facing challenges due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, exemplifies the festival's commitment to supporting artists worldwide and promoting peace through music.

Through the Family Outreach Concert and the newly added mentorship program at MPyC Academy, the festival engages with local communities and aspiring musicians, fostering a deep appreciation for classical music and expanding artistic horizons.


Program Details


The festival will feature 20 captivating concerts, including performances by renowned artists such as Inmo Yang, William Youn, José María Gallardo del Rey, Guillaume Sutre, and many more. The repertoire will encompass a wide range of musical styles and compositions.

Outreach Concerts

MPyC extends its reach to various locations in Gangwon State, connecting with local communities and audiences through eight high-quality outreach concerts.

MPyC Academy

The MPyC Academy offers educational programs, including the Chamber Music Mentorship Program, Masterclass, and participation in the PyeongChang Festival Orchestra, providing aspiring artists with unique learning opportunities.

Family Outreach Concert – Cinema Concert

Families can enjoy the screening of a silent film accompanied by musicians Bruno Desmouillères on percussion and Pascal Palisco on accordion in a leisurely atmosphere at various locations.

Additional Events: The festival will host a special lecture by Dr. Minhyong Kim, a world-renowned mathematician, and a Wine Academy with "WSA Wine Academy" for Season Pass Holders and Sponsors.



Date: July 26 to August 5, 2023

Venue: Alpensia Concert Hall, Music Tent in Daegwallyeong-myeon, and surrounding vicinity in Gangwon State

Host: Gangwon State

Organizer: Gangwon Art & Culture Foundation

Music in PyeongChang website :


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