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"Japanese Painter Saito Kazu's Art Presentation Ceremony: The Allure of Elegant Literary Style"

Renowned Japanese painter Saito Kazu took part in a ceremony on Thursday 16th March, where he presented his artwork to "Gen de Art" at Hotel New Otani in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.


The presented masterpiece, titled "Gunjō," depicts the beautiful scenery of the ancient city of Kyoto, with Arashiyama and Togetsu-kyo Bridge in the background. The artwork conveys the aesthetics of "reunion" through clouds painted by airplanes flying high in the sky.

During the ceremony, Saito Kazu received a letter of appreciation from Isao Onishi, a lacquer artist who is a Living National Treasure and a master of "Kyushitsu" (a technique for applying lacquer), an Important Intangible Cultural Property. In addition, contemporary artist Hiroko Otake, who is acclaimed both domestically and internationally, delivered a speech expressing her respect for Saito's work and her hope for the promotion of Japanese painting.

At the reception, the attendees shared their passionate thoughts on the works of various artists and the charm of Japanese art, while enjoying a delightful time together.’


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