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"teamLab: Mangrove Island at Manar Abu Dhabi," an art space where the mangroves of Abu Dhabi's Samariya Island are continuously transformed by light

Art collective teamLab’s exhibition teamLab: Mangrove Island opens tomorrow December 21, 2023, featuring in the group exhibition Manar Abu Dhabi, and transforming the mangrove island of Samaliyah in Abu Dhabi into an ever-changing art space created through the use of light.

チームラボ アブダビ

teamLab, Pillars that Dance with the Wind, 2023 (work in progress), Interactive Digital Installation, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi © teamLab, courtesy Pace Gallery

Manar Abu Dhabi, based on the theme of Grounding Light, will extend across the city through key locations across Abu Dhabi, including Lulu Island, Corniche Road, Samaliyah Island, Fahid Island, Jubail mangroves, Saadiyat Island, and the Eastern Mangroves, showcasing over 35 new site-specific commissions and light sculptures, projections and immersive artworks by more than 20 artists from around the world.

The artworks will transform Samaliyah Island into an art space, changing interactively through the influence of visitors and the surrounding environment. In Resonating Microcosms - Solidified Light Color ovoids glow autonomously; when an ovoid is pushed by a person or blown by the wind, it shines brightly and emits a sound tone as it rights itself back in place. Meanwhile the ovoids around it also respond one after another, emitting the same light color and sound tone that continues to resonate.

チームラボ アブダビ

teamLab, Exhibition view of teamLab: Mangrove Island at Manar Abu Dhabi, 2024, Samaliyah Island, Abu Dhabi © teamLab, courtesy Pace Gallery

In Pillars that Dance with the Wind, the pillars continuously move together with the wind that blows in the mangrove island, exploring the concept of how structure is born from flow, creating order out of chaos. The artwork is strongly influenced by its environment, including wind, rain, and humidity. The number, movement, and height of the pillars changes significantly.The work also responds interactively to people.

Nature itself becomes art.The shapes and textures of nature as well as the changes wrought over time represent overwhelming information beyond what humans can comprehend. By incorporating these elements, teamLab believes that artworks have the potential to give people new cognitive insights into the world, which they would not conceive of independently.

The artworks explore how the existence of these forms on the mangrove island can be used as they are to create a place where we can transcend the boundary in our understanding of the continuity of time, and feel the long, long continuity of life. Using these existences that embody long periods of time as they are, we can experiment with expressing this eternal continuous life even today and continue to accumulate meaning in this place.

Forest of Autonomous Resonating Life is an installation in which autonomous standing ovoids of light change color and emit a tone specific to that color as it rises back up when they are pushed over by people moving through, or blown down by the wind.

チームラボ アブダビ

teamLab, Exhibition view of teamLab: Mangrove Island at Manar Abu Dhabi, 2024, Samaliyah Island, Abu Dhabi © teamLab, courtesy Pace Gallery


General Information

teamLab: Mangrove Island at Manar Abu Dhabi


December 21, 2023 - January 30, 2024


17:00 - 24:45

* Last boat from Yas Bay to Samaliyah Island is at 22:30


Samaliyah Island



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